Jul 112015

This came into my head at 2:59 am and I had to share it.

There are a lot of big fancy terms I could use
Research statistics and website links
But it doesn’t really capture what it’s all about.

Anxiety is
Laying awake all night with a pit in your stomach
Thinking about every single thing that could go wrong tomorrow.

Anxiety is
Feeling a lump in your throat
That you have to breathe around
Because somebody looked at you.

Anxiety is
Not being able to use public restrooms
And waiting until you’re alone in it
If the situation is really dire.

Anxiety is
Taking all class hour to find courage
Because you know all the answers
But everyone is going to look at you

Anxiety is
Not making new friends
Sitting alone all the time
Scared to even get up to throw your trash away

Anxiety is
The inability to order food
Or go shopping
Without working yourself up

Anxiety is
Sitting alone in your room.
It rules your mind and your life
And no matter what you try
You can’t make it stop.
You feel helpless and alone.

Anxiety is
Fear of speaking up
Of teaching others
Because you aren’t normal
And they’re all going to look at you like you’re strange
Or think that you’re making it up
Even though you know that you aren’t.
Because even though they can’t see it
Doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

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