Mar 062015

I never wish that my life was different
Or that I’d grown up any way
Other than the way that I did

And I know that my parents both love
And support me
I know that they are proud of me
Just like other kids parents are

And the only difference
Is that their pride
Stretches through most of the country

But yet to know
The disappointment of one
Is more than a bump in the road
It is like a stop sign
Attached to a large swinging hammer

And to get through it
One must carefully duck and dodge
And when the inevitable hit comes
It is like the air has been sucked
Straight from your lungs

So I am sorry
That I have disappointed you not once
But twice on the same subject
And though I never wish my life
Was any different

Some days
I wish you were just a few thousand

  One Response to “Torn”

  1. Shannon,

    I can’t imagine you doing something awful enough to be worthy of that reaction … and only twice on one subject? I’d say that’s more like brilliant than failure.

    Be gentle on yourself, sweetie, you’re loved and admired more than you know, and more than passing lapses would ever dim.

    Love you,

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