Apr 282014

It’s an age old condition-insomnia. Insomnia is defined as the chronic inability to fall asleep or remain asleep for an adequate length of time. While many teenagers claim that they have insomnia and can’t sleep, the real question is: is it insomnia or is it just being a teenager?

The majority of teenagers are not well known for time management. I’m not an exception to this. I look down at the clock and think “12:30 am? Wow, I’m not tired at all, where did the time go?!” and while this may serve me decently the night of, the next morning when I can’t drag myself out of my bed, I tend to wish it had gone differently. And yet, I always seem to continue to do that same thing every night. So there’s that question. Am I not feeling tired because of a sleep disorder, or am I not tired because I don’t give myself the chance? I claim to my mother, and subsequently to myself, that “I swear I laid there for like an hour and tried to sleep!” but I’m not entirely sure that’s true. Maybe I’ll lay there for…oh, fifteen to thirty minutes and not fall asleep. But then I become bored with the whole prospect of lying in a dark room with my eyes closed trying to sleep, and pull out an electronic.

But maybe I can’t sleep because I’m a senior and I just wish this stupid year would END already! I’m so done with high school! That big melting pot of teenage hormones, angst, and the hallways filled with awkward teenagers still trying to discover themselves is literally the bane of my existence. Okay, maybe that’s just a little dramatic. But still! High school is literally the worst four years ever! Why would someone ever say that it was the best four years of my life? What a little scheming liar!

And through those halls comes me, blundering past everyone, all flailing limbs and awkward angles because I’m far too gangly for my height. I swear, I accidentally smack at least five people a day because my arms are too long. Hopefully college will be better because we don’t all have to walk through the same tiny halls at the same time. No ‘passing periods’ or ‘lunch periods’. Thank all that is good! Then I won’t have to walk around scared that I’m going to accidentally hit someone in the face and make their nose bleed. I’ve done that before, and try explaining why you’re late to math when that’s what happened.

However, I digress! Back to my original question. Can I not sleep because I have insomnia, or is it just because I’m not giving myself enough time or peace. Who knows? Guess I’ll just have to try and see if I can get better sleep without electronics taunting me when I get bored.

On that note, I am off to sleep! Goodnight!! 🙂

Apr 282014

One Direction

Okay, I guess I’ll come to terms with it. I just have to accept it now, with a deep breath. That’s right, I’ve caught it…ONE DIRECTION INFECTION!!! Unfortunately, I seem to have become just as obsessed with the Pop culture boy band as every single pre-pubescent girl across the world. It started with lifting weights to the catchy lyrics “You’re insecure, don’t know what for” and has morphed into the brain food for fanfictions and daydreams galore. How could this have happened to me?! Me, the crazy alt-girl with artificial holes in her face and the scary black line of makeup around her eyes! I just don’t understand it! Is it the catchy beat? Maybe the sappy lyrics? Possibly the fun personalities of the five boys? At least, the personalities they show on interviews and whatnot.

Honestly, their lyrics have no depth or meaning. They’re cliche love songs, like “If everytime we touch, you get this kind of rush” and “do they hold each other tight, like us?” But somehow, they seem to have me captivated. I don’t know…all I know is that I’m a closet Directioner, and though I would never pay the $250-400 that it takes to see them live, I’m a pretty huge fan.